• Cheap NFT art

  • Take back NFTs

    Sick of hearing about celebrities buying ape NFTs for over $100k? We Agree!

    Web3 was meant to prevent corporations from owning everything, now it just means celebrities and influencers own it too. We're a team of hackers making it easy and affordable for everyone to own an NFT. Even your grandma! Now go mint your NFT and say fuck you to all the people that got rich from overpriced apes, the scammers that sold NFTs then ran off with the money and most importantly, anyone buying an ape for $100k.

    We are handing over the keys to the kingdom to you! viva la revolución!

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  • The Movement

    Artists have joined us in taking back NFTs from the rich. Look through all of the artwork created in this movement.

    See work that has been Generated and minted to inspire your own creation.

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  • Roadmap

    Phase 1

    • Sell some NFTs
    • Upgrade from ramen by adding eggs
    • Have grandma buy her first NFT

    Phase 2

    • Choose from multiple images
    • Giveaways and competitions
    • Image editing
    • Quicker, easier, less janky minting process
    • Move out of the basement

    Phase 3

    • Literally everyone owns an NFT
    • Marketplace
    • Get some apes on a Yacht... probably
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